Agile Matters can help you with Agile software Development. Experienced in introducing Agile and Scrum in organisations large and small, Agile Matters knows how to help teams, departments and organisations.

Rooted in a firm belief that the potential in the people needs to be unleashed, the coaching model from Agile Matters is geared towards being able to independently continue your journey, without an agile coach, as soon as possible. This means that typically the coach will be onsite full-time for a couple of months when starting with Scrum, depending on the number of teams and the challenges encountered off course. The general approach is:

  1. Model the behaviour and mindset
  2. Help the people acquire the skills by executing together
  3. Coach from the sideline

After this, a regular less intensive follow-up is recommended. Specialty coaching can add to the organisations capability, eg on team dynamics, engineering practices or advanced facilitation.

This differs greatly from the approach of consultancy firms, which typically try to squeeze as many hours out of the engagement as possible, and are not interested in fostering independence in their clients. There is an inherent incompatibility between the firms business model and the values and principles of agile.

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